After playing every full inning of a 50 game schedule,these are a players' high school stats for a season.


             AB    H    AVG   BB   SLUGGING %

48    35    .714    6        1.224

   (We'll let it up to you to imagine the scholarship and career opportunities stats like these provide.)




    First....the child has to qualify to play on the high school team.

    Than...the player has to develop into a GREAT HITTER.


     To get an idea of how we can help a child qualify for their high schools' baseball or softball team,and than be developed into a great hitter, watch the videos and read the following information     *CAREFULLY !.

    * (This is one of those things you or someone you know,think you know all there is to know.)

     You may be enlightened   !!!

     Is it important to you that your child plays on their high school team????

     If yes,view (video #1)


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   Than if you're interested in your player becoming a great baseball/softball hitter,read on to learn how our system originated.



          (read carefully-needs to be understood)


    During Leslie's youth league playing time we centered our efforts on conditioning her ''VISUAL FOCUSING'' on a ''MOVING'' object to insure effective bat to ball contact.

    As a freshman in high school she maintained her ability to provide bat to ball contact, but the contact was producing an ''unacceptable'' number of in-field grounders and pop ups.

      We investigated into what specifically was producing these in-field grounders and pop ups,and than designed a bat swing execution that eliminated the pop ups and in-field grounders.


    And than we had her develop a motor skill memory of that bat swing execution.

   As a sophmore Leslie was placed on the varsity team. With this came the challenge of better pitching,and better quality coaching from the opposing teams.


Opposing coaches would scout and analyze her at bats. They determined what area of her strike zone she had a problem effectively hitting the ball.  And instructed their pitchers to pitch the ball there.


   This meant our next responsibility was conditioning her body so she could execute the motor skill memory of her bat swing on all balls traveling in her strike zone.


     (By the way....we don't believe a player should be ask to executue a physical movement their body isn't properly conditioned to execute...and than so often excused with ''excessive use.'')


     And in our opinion,...''The best physical conditioning program for the execution of an athletic skill, is a program where all the movements of the skill are fully executed......in the sequence they are executed when the skill is performed.''


      The frustration of not being capable of keeping her off base, provoked opposing coaches to employ some desperate defensive tactics.


     So our responsibility was to determine how optimum bat swing power can be produced during the execution of a bat swing,and insure Leslie's bat swing execution was producing her maximum bat swing power, to negate those defensive strategies.


       And of course as the pitching began to include much more velocity,more ball movement, and change ups, she had to add quickness to the start of her bat swing and speed to the travel of the barrel of her bat.


       So we DESIGNED EQUIPMENT AND PROGRAMS for developing both.

       The end result, was a senior year schedule of 50 games played,of which she played every complete inning and produced these stats,


                 AB    H   AVG   BB   SLUGGING %

     49    35  .714     6         1.224


      NOW ADD THIS UP !!  Conditioning visual focusing of a moving object.

       Conditioning a motor skill memory of a bat swing that optimizes ball rebound.

       Conditioning the player to have the ability to effectively hit balls traveling in all areas          of their strike zone.

       Conditioning the player's bat swing to produce the player's maximum bat swing                   power.

       Conditioning quickness into the start of the player's bat swing.

       Conditioning speed into the travel of the barrel of the player's bat.


               ''SUM TOTAL''        =     ''HANEY HITTING SYSTEM'')


       If you're really serious about the player having a career,as a great hitter,you need to            view video #2 (click on)


     Than if you see our system being a benefit to your young player,.......(click on H.H.S.)

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      If you have a question you'd like answered, if you'd like to express an opinion,or if you know of a better system for training your player to hit,.....we'd like to hear from you.......(OPINE )

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Rod and Leslie

Haney Hitting System



    For those of you who have a young player who is struggling with their hitting,or is looking to improve their batting average immediately....we will trouble shoot their bat swing execution via our A.S.A.P. service.


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