We know you realize the importance of your child participating in some form of physical activity,and  we're sure you understand the value of that activity being a member of one of their high schools' athletic teams;....


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After playing every full inning of their schedule,these are Leslies' high school senior year stats.


                  ab    h      avg      bb      slug %

                48   35      .714      6        1.224


''State record'',... according to National Federation of High School Records.


       (we'll let your imagination suggest what scholarship and career opportunities,... stats like these provide )


       If you're trully  interested in your child becoming a great base/softball hitter, we offer you the following overview of



    Little League Years

      During Leslie's Little League years of play, we concentrated on the quality of Leslies'  sweet spot to ball contact.

       In pursuit of perfecting her sweet spot to ball contact,I video taped all of her at bats and than would slow motion the video and study every individual component of her bat swing execution.

       While viewing one of her at bats something really caught my attention.

       I paused the video to insure I was correct in what I thought I saw.

      In the frame was the ball out in front of the batters' box and the barrel of her bat in flight in the direction of the ball.

      And what caught my attention was.....her eyes were fixed on the pitcher, not the ball.


So I concluded she had decided to swing her bat

at the ball, before she knew if the ball would be a strike or not,......and her eyes weren't following the ball.......they stayed fixed on the pitcher.


       I showed the video to my optometrist.

      He provided me his opinion of what could have transpired during that at bat, and explained what transpires during ''visual focusing'' on a moving object.


      (In laymans language)... the eyes pick up the image.......the mind than controls the muscle group that initiates the focusing process.

       He explained that if the mind is distracted with attempting to process a thought, the visual focusing process is disrupted producing an out of focus moment resulting in a distortion of the image and a disruption of the timing of the moving object.

        He illustrated it for me by instructing me to read the smallest print on his eye chart .....and while doing so he ask me to answer questions.

        For your childs' benefit fact check this during your next eye examine.

         As luck would have it, my optometrist' room mate in college was the trainer and physical conditioning coach on a major league baseball team.

        He provided me the teams'program for conditioning a players' ''vision focusing'' on a moving object.



      By the time she entered high school, Leslie was in control of insuring great bat to ball contact

and as a result qualified for her high school team.

     She was jumped over the Junior varsity squad and played on the Varsity team as a freshman.


     She maintained the quality of her sweet spot to ball contact.

     But when challenged by a good senior pitcher with better than average speed and the control to spot the ball effectively, other issues raised their ugly head.


     Even though making good ''sweet spot ''to ball contact, she was producing an unacceptable amount of in- field grounders and pop-ups that resulted in outs.


      So back to forensic video work.

      I quickly identified what I believed could be responsible for the production of a pop-up and in-field grounder.


     At the moment of bat to ball contact, .....the impact of the ball would push the  barrel of her bat backward , downward and/or upward...resulting in a pop up or infield grounder.


     Or the bat to ball contact occured after her bat swing power began to diminish, producing pop-ups and in-field grounders.


      So we had to work on insuring the ball did not have the ability to push the barrel of the bat, no matter how fast the ball was traveling , and insured her bat swing delivered the sweet spot to the ball prior to her bat swing power beginning to diminish.


        It was during this period we learned two very important things.

       There is only one location in a players' bat swing, when optimum bat swing power is available for transfer to the ball.

      And why, when some major league players hit mind blowing home runs, their bat swing execution doesn't have any follow through.

     They immediately drop their bat to their side.


     When the level of competition was better, such as during the play offs, and the competing coaches took the responsibility of winning more seriously, they scouted her hard, looking for any weakness she had in her strike zone.


     So we had to insure she could effectively hit balls traveling in all areas of her strike zone, and not swing at a ball traveling outside her strike zone.



     As a result of her hard work....she had the luxury of selecting from 7 different Division One schools that offered her a full scholarship.

     As an introduction to Division One pitching, she was routinely confronted with effective brush back pitches.


     By effective I mean......pitches that were strikes.

     Fortunately she had been conditioned and trained to hit brush back pitches that were strikes, but Division One pitches had more velocity, more movement,and were many times off speed pitches.

     So we had to increase the quickness of the start of her bat swing and develop additional speed to the travel of the barrel of her bat.

     The teams' coach ask me to be the teams hitting coach.


     This experience provided me an acute awareness of how important and critical the conditioning and training  a player receives during their youth league years is,..... when a player is challenged with better quality pitching during their career.


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