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In May I found out that my friend’s 15 year old son, Giovonne, was coming to stay with me for 2 ½ weeks.  She wanted him to go to baseball camp to improve his pitching and batting skills so she sent him to Pennsylvania.  You see - Giovonne lives and plays baseball in Aruba.


Getting help with his pitching skills was no problem since my son-in-law, who was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox minor league team, agreed to work with him during his stay with us. 


Now where do I go to get him help with his batting skills???


I heard that Coach Haney was very successful improving the batting average of baseball and softball players using the Haney Hitting System so I asked if he would be willing to meet with this kid from Aruba.  He graciously said yes.


Not knowing what to expect, Giovonne and I made our way up to the second floor of the “barn”.  Coach Haney was working with this young girl.  She was terrific! 


Next was Giovonne’s turn.  First Coach Haney wanted to make sure that Giovonne understood him when he spoke which was quite funny since Giovonne speaks four languages, including English, fluently.


Coach Haney was patient.  He was encouraging which in my eyes is key. 


In the car after the first session, Giovonne kept repeating several of the instructions given to him by Coach Haney-“keep your eyes down after you hit the ball”, “elbows in” and “core tight”.  He could not wait to go again.  So he did.


The difference in Giovonne’s hitting after a few sessions with Coach Haney was incredible.  I could see it.  Giovonne could feel it.  He was hitting ball after ball.  Inside pitches, low outside pitches-whatever was thrown at him Giovonne would hit, and hit hard!


He went back to Aruba a few weeks ago.  I asked him if he is continuing to apply what he learned from Coach Haney in Aruba and he said yes but he did not want to tell his secrets to the rest of the players!


So now we have a 15 year old boy who has one hell of a pitching arm and will be able to bat with the best of them.  Thanks to Coach Haney!


I would HIGHLY recommend sending your son or daughter to Coach Haney!!


Stacy Morane

Lehigh Valley Area




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